Bespoke Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher Features

A gift voucher is an effective vehicle to increase Sales and Market share…but it is also a unit of currency which needs a high level of security printing. For this reason, we have designed a product that is not only secure but also attractive and projects a monetary value whether using our standard design or having a completely bespoke product.


Our Gift Vouchers Can Include

Audit numbered stock for security control.

Watermarked security paper for unique and controlled paper with limited supply.

Heat reactive spot.

Changes colour when you rub between the thumb and forefinger for instant voucher validation.

Holographic foil strip  unique with controlled foil from a single source.

Hologram overprinted – Visible Numismatic which protects against hologram misuse.

Micro-numismatic Invisible UV (Reverse) banknote security graphic which is extremely difficult to reproduce

Benefits of using Gift Vouchers

The redemption of vouchers often involves new customers ‘through the door’. In these circumstances, this new additional revenue is also an opportunity to develop a new customer.

Vouchers can be used as a refund or credit transaction to retain the cash/profit margin within the business.

Perfect for those who struggle to buy presents, make sure customers always have something to buy.

Ideal gifts for everyone, the recipient of the store will likely overspend their gift voucher price and end up buying more from your business.

Vouchers can be used with purchases as a loyalty reward to bring you more repeat business.

Vouchers can be issued in conjunction with product/service promotions to gain new revenue.

Research suggests that only 95% of vouchers are normally redeemed

“This 5% not redeemed often pays for the cost of the vouchers?